Ummm, well,

it's tough to write your autobiography and squeeze it all into a few sentences but here goes .....

I started playing guitar on stage aged 12 years old and they haven't stopped me since, I was lucky enough to get a fantastic musical education by working on the many US air force bases in our region of the UK and when I was old enough to leave school I just packed up the Tele and set about doing the same all over Europe.

Working endless long hours touring the continent with bands from the UK and many a visiting US or European artist was a wonderful experience for a young, good looking lad with a Telecaster, a tube amp and a bad haircut.

I have been lucky enough to play with some wonderful singers and toured with many a fine band over the intervening years (and more than a few lousy ones too :-) .. the road truly does seem to 'go on forever' sometimes .... and I have always been glad of that.

I lived for most of the 80's in Norway where I was lucky enough to work on a whole raft of recording sessions and TV shows and meet a whole bunch of great players who have since become real good friends too.

I guess my 'style' is just a mixture of all the songs I have played over all those years, I started off a fan of James Burton, discovered Roy Buchanan and Roy Nichols as a kid and even when playing in local 'covers ' bands always managed to spookily make everything I played still sound the same !! I have always enjoyed the challenge of 'different' music forms but I can't help it .... it still sounds like me with a Tele :-)

Since 2012 I have been based in Texas and at last feel truly 'at home' both spiritually and musically, far from being over, the adventure just keeps continuing and i'm happy to still be 'hanging in there' - beating on a Telecaster and smiling like a fool.

So, need a hand with some 'live' playing or a recording project ? then head on over to the contact page and fire me an eMail, i'll be more than glad to pick with you !