It's easy to add a guitar track to your next project by using our 'online session' service.

Just send a copy of your backing tracks and using Apple's 'Logic' software we will return a CD full of possible guitar tracks that you can then edit, sample and arrange to fit your track.
I can record the Tele through my trusty Mesa Boogie MKII, maybe a De Lisle or my 100% awesome Fox Vintage 4x10 amp ..... whatever it takes to get the job done.



So, how hard is it ?.... Just record or prepare me a 'raw' mix, (preferably with some vocal) (just to tell me where NOT to play) and let me have the relevant key, chord chart and tempo and any relevant idea's or suggestions etc. and I'll wail away 'til the cows come home (or my coffee gets cold).
Just send me your file and I can easily synchronize your track up to my studio system - the tracks I send you will be recorded to stereo or mono 16bit, 44.1khz, wav. aiff or whichever other format you specify, it's so easy !.

I usually work by mailing a disk back to you to save taking up bandwidth, time up and downloading large audio files.

For further info or just to ask a few questions please eMail me by clicking ... just ... here ........